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Welcome to Little Marsh PR, an independent Public Relations Consulting Firm that helps businesses, artists, entrepreneurs and non-profits achieve your goals by clearly telling your story and engaging your customers or audience.

Our creative team and PR professionals will collaborate with your business
to deliver tailor-made practical solutions.

Marsh Media Services

Little Marsh PR

Backed by a team of experienced professionals, we tailor our strategic services to meet the needs of our beneficiaries.  Little Marsh primarily works with entrepreneurs, startups and NGOs. We also provide expertise in commercial advertising created to get results.

Our collective of professionals is part of a regenerative ecosystem where our members design and produce imaginative, innovative projects for our beneficiaries within a supportive environment. We've built a strong nest where everyone is nurtured and encouraged to soar.  As beneficiaries and collaborators with Little Marsh, our nesters contribute their multitude of skills to your projects while also learning from others and sharing their talents with each other so that their own small businesses are adequately supported and receive mutually-cooperative benefits from the whole group. The best part is, our nest is growing all the time, bringing in new talents, diverse skills and ideas for your project needs.

Our services include brand management, commercial advertising campaigns, storytelling, film-making, digital media services, content creation, culture crafting, public information and public service campaigns, executive advisors and artist management and crisis communications.


Manifest Your Dreams

Branding & Publicity

You manifest your dreams, and our team takes your personal or business brand to the next level, capturing your best attributes and showing them to the world.  We combine our talents and experience to amplify your mission, your voice, your power and your presence. Our team includes branding experts, publicists, designers top level photographers/videographers.

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Strength of Experience

Kimberly Marsh grew up on journalism, transitioned to public relations for a university at the age of 18, followed by 35 years in news and government affairs through five mayoral administrations, including four terms as press secretary to three mayors during her tenure. Kimberly may be little, but her experience is large. Her power is fueled by a team of collaborators under Uplift Tulsa.

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Media Relations

Show Yourself: Let Us Help

We build media relationships by being quick to meet their deadlines, providing interesting human-centered stories and finding those unique details that reporters can sink their teeth into and create a meaningful article or feature for their audience.



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